2020 Annual Report

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KCI 한국투자공사 로고

Vision & Mission

빙하 이미지
설립목적 이미지
비젼 이미지
미션 이미지
전략 이미지
빙하 이미지
설립목적 이미지
비젼 이미지
미션 이미지
전략 이미지


To manage assets entrusted by the Korean government, Bank of Korea and public funds and contribute to the development of the domestic finance industry (Korea Investment Corporation Act, Article 1)


신뢰(TRUST)를 바탕으로 국부를 증대시켜 나가는 세계 일류 투자기관


To support the development of the domestic finance industry by efficiently managing national assets


Increase long-term returns
Stronger asset allocation and investment capabilities
Responsible investing
Preemptive risk management system
Support the domestic finance industry
Overseas investment leadership
Cooperation with domestic finance industry
Engage in responsible management
Better organizational and performance management
Enhanced internal controls and transparent management

Our Future

Our Future
Our Future
Respecting individual talent and expertise
We respect the expertise of our employees, who come from diverse backgrounds, through talent-focused management.
Unified through a healthy corporate culture
We strive for unity through a corporate culture of mutual trust and respect.
Preparing for Korea’s future
We prepare for Korea’s economic future through increasing sovereign wealth.
Embracing innovation and change
We seek continuous growth through ongoing innovation and change.
Setting global SWF standards
We aim to set the standard for investment expertise and returns for sovereign wealth funds globally.